Introducing ICME, the world's first smart contract marketplace and web3 no-code suite. Our platform leverages the immutable nature of web3 smart contracts to create push-to-deploy modules that anyone can use. We offer web3 modules that can be easily integrated into various web3 applications. Plus, our modules can be called from any web2 service that supports API POST requests. With ICME, you can enjoy the full power of web3 without the lengthy setup time typically associated with traditional web3 application development.

Meet our founders

Wyatt Benno ICME

Wyatt Benno

Technical cofounder

Meet Wyatt, a seasoned startup professional with over 10 years of experience. In 2019, he created the world's first skeuomorphic digital office space, which was later acquired by a Swedish gamification company. Wyatt has also worked at private equity and venture capital firms, where he served as lead developer and PM. He is renowned for his ability to balance technical and business expertise.

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Houman Shadab

Houman Shadab


Houman is a serial entrepreneur and a strong advocate for no-code platforms. His previous startup, which focused on smart contracts, was acquired by DocuSign. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Houman is a professor of law at New York Law School and a Stanford CodeX Fellow. He has even testified as an expert in front of Congress. With a long-standing interest in web3 technology, Houman is excited to see the intersection of web3 and no-code platforms.


How much does this cost?

You can try ICME completely free. To deploy your site or smart contracts you will need to join ICME Unlimited. After sites are deployed on-chain, they exist there as long as they have a cycles (gas) balance.

What can I do with ICME?

You can create custom NFT stores, reverse-gas NFT, create novel gated web3 content, or even create a collectibles loyalty program. ZKP and FHE modules can be used within various templates. The limits are your own imagination but if your idea involves digital ownership, you have come to the right place.

Do you do demos or workshops?

We sure do! You can follow us on Twitter here or contact us for demo requests.