Gasless NFT change everything

NFT created with ICME have a reverse-gas model. This means that your end users never need to worry about paying for gas. Moreover, you can use an ICME frontend to host, store, sell, and provide wallets for buyers.

You can use ICME's NFT module for digital collectible loyalty programs, for art, to restrict access to your blog or digital content, and much more.

ICME's NFT module (ICMint) has an API that you can use both from web2 (Bubble, Wordpress) and from web3 (Internet Computer DFX calls). The NFT have no gas-fee for end-users. They can be associated with images, documents, or any digital content. The files and the NFT are all stored 100% on blockchain.

ICME NFTs fo artists


Design and display NFT sales galleries your way.

Fully customizable visual elements and user interface.


Build community with customizable NFT functionality.

Airdrop NFTs and distribute benefits in response to community achievements.

ICME Mona Lisa Airdrop



Gain support for your NFT project by customizing supporter benefits. Sell memberships as a gateway for participation.