A guide to generative abstract art

At ICME, we believe in empowering everyone to create without being required to code. And this includes creating digital art that can be minted, displayed, and sold using ICME's forthcoming customizable NFT marketplace building functionality.

Abstract generative art is generated by running algorithms on simple lines and shapes to create something more complex. This type of generative art often requires using code or math to generate.

But not always. Below is a list of some of the easiest and most powerful tools that don't require coding. They are all also free and online, so nothing needs to be downloaded or paid for to get creating.

Acrylicode - generative shapes

Concentric - detailed, circular patterns

UJI - watch art generate with many shapes and customizations

Rad Lines - highly customizable concentric shapes

Kumiko - Geometric patterns based on any image

Tile Playground - origami-style shape patterns

VeoLuz - light-oriented abstractions

SuperformulaSVG - highly customizable shape generator

Patternizer - use sliders to design patterns

Geopattern - generate patterns from text

Recursion Toy - a powerful builder for many types of fractals

FractalLab - 2D and 3D fractals

Science vs. Magic - simple fractal builder

Make Fractals from Images - upload your own image and customize the fractal

Below are some of the abstract are that I was able to create using the tools above.

If you are interested in creating abstract generative art for an on-chain NFT art project with more powerful tools, paid apps such as Adobe Illustrator also offer a variety of tools.

About the author

Houman Shadab is a cofounder of ICME