ICME Unlimited

  • Build custom websites on blockchain
  • Modern design tools
  • Unlimited subpages
  • Fully secure, private, and decentralized

0.5 ICP/month*

*First month: 1.5 ICP

NFT Minter

  • Mint, store, and trade NFTs
  • Image, audio, video, and document files
  • 900 GB of NFT storage space
  • Requires ICME Unlimited Plan

1.5 ICP*

*12 SDRs based on market prices

ICME Business

  • Custom on-chain website features
  • API access to NFT minting, storage and trading
  • 900 GB of NFT storage data
  • Unlimited API calls



  • Custom features and integrations
  • Multi-chain support
  • Enterprise support

Contact for pricing