Over a thousand blockchain smart contracts and websites have been deployed using ICME. With ICME even the website's front-end and NFT assets can be hosted 100% on-chain.

You can do crazy cool things with our tech.

Blockchain dApps serving to your browser built with ICME

Atlas Coins

Enable users to gain financially by funding firms that advance social causes


Motoko bootcamp 2023

Motoko Bootcamp (2023)

Learn Motoko, get started on the Internet Computer and meet other builders - all in one week. 

3D Voxels

For VR, AR and Gaming. Bring your 3D Voxel into Unity for Gaming and Animations

Integral Wizard

A Chain of Portals to the Self


World's first AI No-code NFT.

On the day of DALL-E's public usage license change, it was used with our no-code module ICMint.

Entity Intelligent NFTs

Join for pre-alpha web3 access.

ICME NFT art gallery

Abstract art gallery

Collection No. 1

Motoko ICME

Motoko Bootcamp

Learn Internet Computer development with 1 week of mentorship by the best developers in the ecosystem!