The fastest way for your organization to build on web3

ICME is a suite of web3 modules that allow organizations, to build web3 applications faster and better than ever before. You can use gas-less NFT to broaden the reach of your loyalty programs. Store data and documents on-chain to utilize web3's immutability and permissions systems to retain data in a decentralized way. Execute smart contract with FIAT payments. Moreover, you can use Zero Knowledge technology (zkSNARK), to create proofs without revealing the underlying data.

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Top solutions


ICME's allows you to create NFT for various digital file types (images, PDF, docs and more). These NFT have have no gas fees for your end users. This means that your end-users enjoy the benefit of your NFT without the hassle of management.

Web3 Storage

If you keep data in web2 services, it may not always be there. This is because many web2 providers actually hold the rights to your data as it is store in their system; think followers, images and more. We have modules that help you move this data into web3.

Fiat to smart contract execution

You may need to execute smart contracts but hide the fact that the execution is done with a token transfer. One example is an NFT transfer paid for with a card rather than token transfer, which may confuse your end user. The end-user never holds tokens in this case, which simplifies the execution for them and for your compliance team.

zkProofs for Zero Knowledge Software

ICME has ZK modules that allow you to obtain yes or no results to questions without storing private information. This could be questions like: "are you above 18?", "what is your credit score?", "how many Bitcoin do you hold?". These questions can be answered with ZK proofs without the need to reveal or hold sensitive data.