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Stop waiting on developers. Use web3 technology to create and monetize like never before — start building now with ICME's refreshingly simple and effective no-code suite.

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ICME dApps give you new powers.

Create websites and apps that run 100% on blockchain

Own your content on-chain and retain followers across services
Users never pay gas fees for NFTs or anything else

Earn from digital collectible loyalty programs

Accept credit cards for NFTs and executing smart contracts

Create your own digital e-commerce shop

Integrate with Dropbox, Mailchimp, or any web service with oracle

Fund with DeFi modules and tokenization

Create a zero-knowledge proof with on-chain verifier

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Generate decentralized blogs, NFT e-commerce shops, and web3 landing pages in just a few clicks. Use ICME to test your web3 business idea without spending thousands on an MVP.

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Decentralized apps made easy.



Modules deployed with ICME run entirely on blockchain.


Protecting privacy

Builders have full ownership, users don’t need to reveal identities, and tokenized interactions are a click away - all at blazing-fast speed.


Empowering users

Serve content to browsers directly from blockchain for a secure and seamless experience for your users.


No Code

Not a coder? No problem. Begin building today with no technical learning curve.