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Build a web3 app without coding

Empowering users. Protecting privacy.

Create a website on blockchain

Design and sell functional NFTs

Build a decentralized app

Launch a DAO

Launch ICME

NFTs for communities

Take complete control over NFT marketplaces and functionality. Launch, design, and customize without limits.

NFTs media is stored permanently on chain to facilitate communities. One-click airdrops, rewards for owners, royalties, and much more.

Zero gas fees simplify token management for end users.

Cheap on-chain storage

Permanently store files on blockchain so you can replace third-party services such as Google Drive and Amazon S3, and even decentralized systems like IPFS.

Files are private and impossible to hack.

Digital watermarks, whitelisting, automated usage royalties, and much more for your digital assets.

Decentralize apps and DAOs
Coming Soon

Build dapps that reward users without a centralized entity charging fees and viewing private data.

Launch and manage DAOs with fine-tuned on-chain governance and payment mechanisms.

Use NFTs to reward contributions and embed legal documents in DAO actions and governance.

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