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ICME testimonials Dominic Williams

Dominic Williams

"No-code Web 3.0 website builder for the Internet Computer blockchain. Super exciting."

ICME testimonials Internet Computer Dfinity

Internet Computer Weekly

ICME "is the first step to democratise application building on [web3]."

Dfinity ICME Charitiy

Infinite Charity Project

"The ability to create our own [NFT] store using ICME is a game-changer and a godsend."

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✔ No code builder for fully on-chain websites
✔ Mint and sell NFTs
✔ APIs that work with web3 and web2
✔ Grow a community with a DAO

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Generate decentralized blogs, NFT e-commerce shops, and web3 landing pages in just a few clicks. Use ICME to test your business idea without spending thousands on an MVP.

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Decentralization without compromise



Websites built with ICME run entirely on blockchain.


Protecting privacy

Builders have full ownership, users don’t need to reveal identities, and tokenized interactions are a click away - all at blazing-fast speed.


Empowering users

Serve content to browsers directly from blockchain for a secure and seamless experience for your users.


No Code

Not a coder? No problem. Begin building today with no technical learning curve.