ICME Builds Highly-Portable and Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proof Technologies

We implement the most advanced schemes in zero-knowledge proofs,

delivering high-speed performance even in constrained environments.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can leverage the world's first general-purpose, highly portable zkVM.

Widely adoptable

  • We are building ZKP tools aimed at mass adoption by launching a decentralized ZKP network (NovaNet) that runs fast in browsers, on blockchain, IoT devices, and other constrained environments.
  • Javascript, Rust, Python and other common programming languages are supported via our zkVM.
  • Proofs and verifiers can be hosted on any blockchain overcoming tribalism.
  • Our tech is not tied to an L1 or L2 proving system. This allows for more general use and faster upgrades.

Use cases

  • Zero-knowledge machine learning (zkML) and verifiable computation
  • Scaling web3
  • Privacy protection

Pioneering Tech

  • Traditional custom ZKP circuit designs fall short when it comes to scaling support for apps. It is for this reason that we initiated our pioneering ZKEngine and ZK virtual machine.
  • Our ground-breaking technology incorporates folding schemes, advanced lookup arguments, and user-side MSM optimizations for enhanced performance.
  • ICME helped create the world's first SuperNova implementation.

Our users

  • High-growth startups exploring the potential of zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Web3 projects capitalizing on our zkVM to reuse existing code and innovate at the forefront.
  • Enterprises leveraging cutting-edge ZKP technology in their operations.

Team: Wyatt Benno, Houman Shadab.


Contact us to learn more about ZKP and collaborate.